Wine making

Sauvignon Blanc

All fruit is harvested by hand into 10kg small picking bins.
Whole-bunch press into Stainless Steel tank.
Racking juice to reduce heavy lees into other stainless-steel tank. (When there is more than tank, they go into very old barrels)
Estate wine is inoculated with commercial yeast. Reserve wine starts fermentation with indigenous yeast, then inoculated from the middle.
Both wines are kept on fine lees for 10 months before bottling.



Pinot Noir

All fruit is harvested by hand into 10kg small picking bins in early morning.
All fruit is gently destemmed into Stainless-steel tank. (Most of fruit is left as whole berry at this stage)
These tanks are kept at ambient temperature prior to fermentation for around 5 days.
Fermentation starts and completes with indigenous yeast. Light pump over, twice a day, is carried over during fermentation up to 10 to 15 days.
All wine is transferred into French oak barrels, 10-15% new oak for Estate, 33-40% new oak for Reserve, and malolactic fermentation starts in next spring when the temperature rise.
Estate wine kept in oak for 11 months, and Reserve wine kept in oak for 16-18 months prior to bottling.